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Bus Services

Our 15 passenger bus is used not only for bringing members and visitors to our worship services. It is also used to transport members to special events, such as, Area Wide Sings, Men's and Women's Inspiration Days, teen events, mission trips, etc.

Food Pantry
Our food pantry serves the community to assist with hunger. It is open to the public the 3rd Monday of each month from 4 PM to 6 PM. Call the church office for details. Food for the pantry is provided by personal donations of the members at Norval Park.


Children's Homes
Through donations of our members we are able to help in the support of orphans and troubled youth in Christian children's homes.
Midwestern Children's Home            www.mid-western.orgPotter Children's Home                    
Timothy Hill Children's Ranch 
Lifeline of Hope Ministries       


Other Out Reach Programs
Gospel Broadcasting Network                                                           
Ohio Valley Christian Youth Camp                                                   
Eastern European Missions                                                                  



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