God is my salvation, I will trust

and will not be afraid. Isaiah 12:2

845 Arch St.

Zanesville, OH

Important  Announcements

  • In order to comply with State Officials and to ensure the health and well-being of the church, the Elders have decided to require masks or face shields when entering the NPCOC building. Effective Thursday, July 23rd every person entering the NPCOC building must have on a mask or face shield. The mask or face shield must remain on at all times while in the building. If you are in need of a mask please contact one of the Elders or the Church Office so they can provide you with one. The Elders would like to thank the congregation and our visitors for their help and cooperation during this difficult time. They send their love to you all and wish you a safe and blessed day.

  • Norval Park is only offering a Sunday AM Worship Service and a large group Wednesday Night Bible Class at this time. All other classes and Worship times have been cancelled. 



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Norval Park Church of Christ online. We hope that our website highlights our congregation and encourages you to come and join us!

About Us


The churches of Christ are nondenominational and have no central headquarters or president. We believe the only head of the church is Jesus Christ. We have elders as is instructed in the scriptures in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. As well as deacons as instructed in I Timothy 3:8-12.





Sunday Morning:

Bible Class -9:15 AM for all ages.

Worship Services-10:15 AM


Sunday Evening

Worship Services:-6:00 PM

Mini Lights: ages 3 thru 3rd grade

meet on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM  the 2nd and 4 Sunday of each month

Wednesday Evening

Bible classes and

Devotional- 7:00 PM for all ages.



"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 3:23-24)


The above passage teaches us three truths about sin:


It teaches us that we are all guilty of it . Sin is a great equalizer when it comes to the spiritual part of man. None of us can feel superior to others for we each stand convicted and condemned by sin in our lives (Romans 6:23).


It teaches us what sin basically is . The phrase is derived from an archery term. It describes the acts of aiming for a bullseye and missing it. God had a standard for us to shoot for in life. He has set in place a bullseye and we have all missed the mark. None of us stand before Him on the basis of merit!


It teaches us that we can be rescued from the guilt and condemnation of our sins through being justified and redeemed by Jesus. To be justified 1s to be pronounced innocent; to be redeemed is to be purchased from our bondage to sin.


We deserve neither of the above, nor could we ever provide them for ourselves! That is the beauty of God’s amazing GRACE! He looks at baptized believers (Romans 6:1-6) through Jesus’ blood and counts us sinners as sinless; considers us slaves to be free! Let our gratitude overflow into the life we now live!


… Sam Bartrug


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